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Hi! Welcome to my little web page. I’m Chris. I’m a cartoonist. You may know me from The Ordinary People Change the World books or Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum on PBSKids.

I also have a few of my own books out. Two graphic Novels; Cosmic Commandos and Monster Mayhem.

I’ve also authored a few picture books: The Yawns Are Coming! The Giggles Are Coming! and out in May 2023, A Little Emotional!

17 thoughts on “About Chris

  1. Hi Chris,
    I’m working my way through Brad’s cowriters. I’m talking to Josh Mensch on Friday. I talked to Tod Goldberg in January of 2021. Any chance you want to give me the Hat Trick and join me on my podcast to talk about Music, your I Am books and your other wonderful books?

  2. Hi Chris!

    My 7 year old twins love Xavier Riddle and we just started reading the Ordinary People Change the World books. We noticed while reading one of the books that your character style reminds us a bit of another one pf our favorite comics, Calvin and Hobbes (the kids even pointed out the child Martin Luther King Jr is best friends with looks very much like Calvin). Any chance Bill Watterson was an inspiration for you as an artist?

    Please keep up the awesome art/stories for kids!!! Thanks!

    • I do school visits. Not very often because of my schedule, but you can reach out to penguinauthorvisits at gmail dot com.

  3. Hi! My girls and I love Xavier Riddle. We just watched the Fred Rogers episode and it was too precious. Do you sell your art on any platforms? Thank you!

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