Chris Eliopoulos has worked in every aspect of comic book creation. He’s most known as a prolific letterer, but in recent years has begun writing and drawing comics, some of which have been nominated for Eisner and Harvey awards.

He illustrates the Ordinary People Change the World books.


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  • I’m interested in getting in contact with Nate Cosby, but can’t find any email contact info for him online. Have got some questions about the Storyteller project he’s putting together. Any help would be appreaciated. Thanks!

  • Γεια σου, Chris, regards from Greece 🙂 I love all of your works, especially the
    “Desperate Times” My name is Marios Boras. I will be grateful if you would visit my
    website, just to tell me what do you thing about my works generally. Thank you in advance, Chris!

    this is my website: http://www.mariosboras.com

    I wish you keep up the good work and keep your spirits high always!
    Look forward to hearing from you soon,
    Marios Boras

  • Chris:

    Long time fan! I was very happy to hear you on the WDW Today podcast, especially you were the one filling in for Matt and reading and answering my questions!

    I was wondering if you take requests. I’m trying to put something together for my wife for our 4 year wedding anniversary. I’m trying to recreate the Disney/Pixar movie UP, “My Adventure Book”. I would love to have a picture of us in there, drawn by you. Let me know if this is possible…and what I would need to do! 

    Thank you,


  • Interesting hearing you on that panel at the Barnes & Noble today, thanks. Here’s the guy you reminded me of: http://irwin.wfmu.org

    It’s also possible you reminded me of someone else I can’t remember. Likely my memory constructed a composite character you reminded me of, because I can’t say I was familiar with your work.

    Best Wishes,

    • I think I got it now: I combined in my head Irwin Chusid, whose appearance & mannerisms you seem to share, with Kaz Prapuoulenis, a cartoonist with a Greek name. I’m a fan of both.

  • Joy Van Lenten:

    It was great to meet you at the Barnes and Noble workshop 4/14/2015. I just wanted to say that teachers consider people like you, Brad, and Joe Caramagna the heroes. Your creations draw children to books and reading, and wanting to know more. Besides the stories that draw them in, so do your comic style illustrations that are fun and familiar to them, and make them laugh. No other biographies do that, and leave them with a memorable interesting fact about the subject to remember. Good luck with the new launches to come.
    Joy Van Lenten

  • Hi Chris,
    I am the PTA Chairperson for River Vale School assemblies. We would love to speak with you about visiting our 2 elementary schools- we would buy your books and you can hopefully sign for the kids. PLease reach out to me at your earliest as we are finalizing our plans..
    Thank you.
    Rachel Katz-Galatt
    917 566 4640

  • Marina Demos Brand:

    Are your parents from the village of Pikerni, near Tripolis? If so, we must be related. My mother’s maiden name was Eliopoulos.

  • Lee Hollman:

    Hi, Chris!

    I teaach elementary special education in the Bronx and love graphic novels! Might I persuade you to donate Cosmic Commmandos and Monster Mayhem to our school?

    Also had an idea for you. I work at a STEM/enrichment learning center that has a graphic novel workshop. I’m acquiring an OhmniLabs telepresence robot. You could control it from home to speak to some great kids and interact with them! Hope you’ll consider it.



  • Rhonda Jett:

    Dear Christopher,

    I am a librarian at Bailey Elementary in Dover, Florida and am interested in scheduling a skype visit with you to take place during the 2019-2020 school year (between 8/26/19-5/22/20). Your book “Cosmic Commandos” is included in our Sunshine State Young Readers Award book list and will be included in my school’s book club. I’m estimating a group of 20-25 students.

    Please let me know what you have available.

    Thank you!

  • Papa John's:

    Hi Chris!
    My name is Sydney and I work with the social media team at Papa John’s! We love the look and creativity of your social profile!

    We are having a limited edition Spider-Man box coming out that features the first ever Snapcode on a box! We think you would be perfect for this activation since you are a comic and superhero expert! Would you be able to do a photo shoot with the box before the week of July 4th?

    The box features an augmented reality experience that when you scan the Snapcode the city of London appears! Would this be a good fit for your audience?

    We would like you to share the video on your IG either in stories or on the feed and your Twitter! We could provide you with $100 Papa John’s gift card (and free



    Robert Swingler here from Hazelwood East High School. We sat together at the Anderson’s Children Literature Event last February. So glad you raised so much for BCEFA and HispanicFed. I have quite a few of the “I am” series signed by you and Brad. Could you use them for a fundraiser?

    Hope you and the family are doing well and staying safe.



  • Hello,
    My name is Amber Crane. I am a consultant and event planner. I got your contact details online. I need the service of artist or illustrator/ cartoonist to work on a project for an upcoming workshop. I will give the idea of what I need to be illustrated/drawn and you can get back to me with the price to get it done. Please note that I suffer from Apraxia and would prefer communication via email or text msgs. Get back to me for more details.

    Warm regards.

  • Leo Austin:

    Hi Christopher Eliopoulos I loved Comsmic Commando, it was amazing! Im in 3rd grade at mckinley school in appleton my teacher is Ms.Loux she is so nice she recommended your book to me it was AMAZING!!!

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