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Hi! Welcome to my little web page. I’m Chris. I’m a cartoonist. You may know me from The Ordinary People Change the World books or Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum on PBSKids.

I also have a few of my own books out. Two graphic Novels; Cosmic Commandos and Monster Mayhem.

I’ve also authored a few picture books: The Yawns Are Coming! The Giggles Are Coming! and out in May 2023, A Little Emotional!

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  1. Hi Chris,
    I’m working my way through Brad’s cowriters. I’m talking to Josh Mensch on Friday. I talked to Tod Goldberg in January of 2021. Any chance you want to give me the Hat Trick and join me on my podcast to talk about Music, your I Am books and your other wonderful books?

  2. Hi Chris!

    My 7 year old twins love Xavier Riddle and we just started reading the Ordinary People Change the World books. We noticed while reading one of the books that your character style reminds us a bit of another one pf our favorite comics, Calvin and Hobbes (the kids even pointed out the child Martin Luther King Jr is best friends with looks very much like Calvin). Any chance Bill Watterson was an inspiration for you as an artist?

    Please keep up the awesome art/stories for kids!!! Thanks!

    • I do school visits. Not very often because of my schedule, but you can reach out to penguinauthorvisits at gmail dot com.

  3. Hi! My girls and I love Xavier Riddle. We just watched the Fred Rogers episode and it was too precious. Do you sell your art on any platforms? Thank you!

    • For my books, I’m working on a Cintiq. I use Clip Studio Paint.

      For my analog work, I use a Kuretake HIKKEI! SIGN PEN EXTRA FINE Brush Pen. The Paper: Strathmore Bristol 500 series vellum surface. And Blue pencil: Ticonderoga Erasable Checking

  4. Hey, will there be a sequel to Monster Mayhem? I love the kind of anthology that you started with the magical ring! I also wonder how that magical ring got into that cereal box.

    • I am also hoping that a sequel will be written. My grandson does not like reading. But I bought him Cosmic Commandos and Monster Mayhem, and he is fascinated with them. He keeps asking me who has the ring next. I tell him I don’t know. We really would love the next book to be written. You are changing lives for the better with this series.

      Thank you for writing these books and helping my reluctant reader love books.

      • I’m hoping for a sequel as well. Between the Ordinary People books, my budding picture book career and Xavier Riddle, it’s gotten hard. I also have to convince my publisher to do another one. πŸ™‚

  5. Hi Chris!
    I’m a library media specialist in South Jersey, and my students love your books! Would love to get some information on a visit from you!

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  7. Hi Chris, I see that you’re from Astoria. I’m wondering if you are related to the Eliopoulos family that lived on 29th Street? If so, my family also lived in that building, so it would be great to connect.

  8. Hi Chris, I am a K-5 school librarian in a Monmouth County public school and I saw you were also from NJ. (We just finished reading I am Jackie Robinson for Black History Month.) I was wondering if you happen to ever visit schools? We would be interested. My school email address is attached to this post. Thanks!

    PS: And we can’t wait to see more bios in the “I am…” series, hope they are coming.

  9. can you please please please promise me that you guys will use these episodes in xavier riddle season 2: I am Dolly Parton I am Muhammad Ali I am Malala Yousafzai I am I M Pei I am Oprah Winfrey I am Frida Kahlo I am Anne Frank I am Benjamin Franklin I am Walt Disney I am Sonia Sotomayor I am Mahatma Gandhi I am Jim Henson I am Jane Goodall I am Martin Luther King Jr. I am Lucille Ball I am John Lewis.

    • Please. I know you’re passionate, but don’t spam my site. I totally get that you’re excited by the show and I love that. But it doesn’t help when you do this.

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